About Open Labs

We are a team of operators, not just financiers. We know how hard it is to build a business because we ourselves have run businesses to both success and failure. Our experience and expertise will help you solve the toughest problems.

What We Care About

Enabling Founders

We are here to serve founders; whether as a partner in their business or as a means of finding exit.

Fostering a Community

We want to create an amazing community of founders, talents and small businesses. Life is better together.

Creating Great Brands

We want to build the next Starbucks, the next Tesla. Not those businesses exactly, but the type of consumer love.

Give a Damn

Positive energy lifts all. Get things done. Take ownership in what you do. Truth is a worthy pursuit. Always learn.

Insist on Excellence

Experiment early and often. Double down on what works. Better to do fewer things well. Track what is important.

Respect the Love

Love customers; they pay our bills. Don’t be a jerk. Help others. Have integrity. High trust culture, but no tolerance for the bad.

Our Operations DNA

A small business on its own may find it difficult and expensive to recruit world class talent. Together, as a portfolio of many small businesses, it makes financial sense and gives talent a bigger platform to work with.

We have teams ready to help companies scale in the following areas: digital marketing, marketplace, branding, content, logistics, supply chain, retail, customer service, cross sell, data, talent, finance, legal and taxes.

Where Our Experience and Expertise Comes From